True plug-and-play solution for Tunable white light.

Simplicity - Easy to use

with a few touches you can choose between four self-selected scenes or fine-tune the light level and colour temperature.

Enhanced comfort for users with Tunable White

set the the mood with one touch. The Tunable White lighting can create the best possible conditions for different situations in a room

Easy to install - plug-and-play

no configuration, ready as soon as it is installed - no need for commissioning/software programming - easy adjustment of four scenes - last level / Off


LiteTouch is a contemporary lighting control solution consisting of a Riegens luminaire with DALI Type 8 driver and a touch control panel for wall installation. Scenes are programmed by adjusting the lighting level and colour temperature to the desired settings and then pressing and holding the scene button for 20 seconds. With a Tunable white touch control panel, both the lighting level and colour temperature can be adjusted.