Intelligent wireless sensor that adapts the lighting to the movement patterns in the room.

Enhanced user comfort

you get the right light at the right place at the right moment

Saves energy for the owner

you get light only when and where it is needed

Future-proofed - extra feature!

the continuously self-learning system will always put the light a step ahead

Easy to install - fix and forget

no programming - no configuration - no extra wiring - preinstalled in the luminaire


The GoSense lighting solution is a wireless sensor-based lighting system consisting of a Riegens luminaire, an LED driver, a control unit and a multi-functional sensor – everything is pre-installed in the luminaire.
Each luminaire comunicates by Bluetooth with the other luminiares in the lighting system and learn movement patterns in the room.
The sensors also adapt the light to incoming daylight. As a result, each luminaire acts like a zone and is adjusted in relation to movement and sunlight.