Wireless lighting control based on Bluetooth.

Gives the user the freedom to customise their own light

every single luminaire can be controlled individually by an app

Enhanced user comfort

the Tunable white lighting can create the best possible conditions for different situations in a room and for each individual user

Easy to install

the solution is intuitive, no new wiring is needed - based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology - a Bluetooth unit is preinstalled in the luminaire, and it is easy to add extra luminaires


FreeBlue is a future-proofed, wireless lighting-control solution consisting of a Riegens luminaire with a preinstalled Bluetooth unit.

The system is intuitive. No need for new wiring, switches, devices or networks. Plug in the lighting fixture and pair it with your phone or tablet. No other configurations by a professional technician are needed.

FreeBlue is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) and has been incorporated into smartphones and tablets since early 2012.


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FreeBlue is controlled by an app where it is possible to control the lighting colour and colour temperature of each luminaire and set up scenes and daylight rhythms. The app is intuitive and self-explanatory. The app has “in screen” help without interrupting the set-up process or the user’s interaction.


Group and configure luminaires
Create scenes Relax 2700K 80%,
Concentrate 4000K 90%
Energize 6500K 100%
Make a daylight rhythm with the timer function
Set-up and programming