Riegens’ core competence is to create energy efficient lighting solutions for the benefit of the environment. To help customers saving energy and to deliver long-life lighting solutions is the very soul of the company.


In Product Development we continuously develop and launch energy efficient solutions. The large share of LED solutions in our sales is one proof of this. Numerous of energy saving projects based on standard solutions as well as customized are another. Riegens has in-house test facilities securing the right product data.


Sales offer guidance to our customers ensuring that the customer see the benefit of choosing solutions with low use of energy. Light measure programs and a Riegens developed Total Cost of Ownership tool helps our staff and the customer in making the right choice.

Purchase department carefully choose the right components and raw material, securing a high quality and a long-life of the lighting solutions we sell. We have regular meetings with our key suppliers ensuring that we are up to date on the latest technology.


In Manufacturing seek to minimize the use of energy via Building Management System (CTS) and to minimize waste of material. Where waste of material is unavoidable we sort and recycle where possible. An example of the energy and waste focus is our endcap packaging where we reduce the use of cardboard.


All employees at Riegens are involved in our environmental work each contributing to securing that:

  • Riegens as a minimum meet all legal demands in the countries where our products are manufactured and sold.
  • That energy consumption is an integrated part of both the development, sales, purchasing and manufacturing process of every product and order at Riegens.
  • That energy consumption and the waste produced during the manufacturing of our products are minimized.
  • That waste is sorted, recycled and handled in a way the minimize the environmental impact of our company.

Riegens has legal representations in Denmark, United Kingdom and Norway. Ensuring that we meet the WEEE-directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) we are a member of:

  • Elretur in Denmark
  • Lumicom in United Kingdom
  • RENAS in Norway